Tax planning

Before any type of business structure is established, one of the most important cost factors that need to be taken into consideration is taxation. It’s not only important to consider the advantages offered by a certain jurisdiction in terms of taxation, as efficient tax planning is equally crucial to reduce the tax burden. Tax planning is especially important for businesses that conduct cross-border operations and for companies that are part of an international group structure. Company subsidiaries and company branches can also benefit from the advantages of a strong tax planning strategy.

Our firm is specialized in corporate structures in Belgium designed for tax optimization. Regardless of the type of company you wish to incorporate in Belgium, you will need to consider how to minimize costs and tax legally when operating in this country.

Non – EU companies who are expanding their activities in Belgium should take into consideration the level of corporate tax in Belgium, the level of dividend tax, special Belgian legislation related to the taxation of subsidiaries and branches, double tax treaties that Belgium has with other countries and other specific documentation needed.

Belgium is one of the European countries that offer lower tax rates, low maintenance costs and a significant number of fiscal advantages for foreign investors.

In order to benefit from all these advantages, you should take into consideration which company structure offers the most benefits and the accounting regulations of Belgium to avoid future complications with local tax authorities.

Our tax planning services include:

  • Creation of tax returns
  • Tax optimization, planning and advice
  • Representation before designated tax authorities
  • Accounting and consulting for the Belgian and EU VAT
  • Accounting and consulting for the Belgian and EU withholding tax

All of our tax planning services are tailored according to our client’s needs in order to provide the best solutions to minimize tax as much as possible.