Register a company in Belgium

When you decide to register a company in Belgium, it’s important to note that the first steps you should take is incorporating and registering your company. In order to do this, you must first choose three company names. The chosen names are then submitted with the competent authorities in Belgium for a confirmation. 

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Establish a subsidiary in Belgium

Subsidiaries are legal entities with capital that is partially or totally owned by foreign companies. However, the management of the subsidiary is not conditioned by the foreign capital, and the entity is able to handle business contracts, hire employees or issue and transfer shares.

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Double tax treaties in Belgium

Double taxation refers to the fact that two countries collect simultaneously taxes on the same company. This situation often arises when companies have subsidiaries or branches in various countries.

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Provinces with the lowest tax in Belgium

Belgium is a organized in regions and provinces, which means that tax rates may differ from one province to another. Taxes are collected on both state and local level. At local level, property taxes and various fees are collected .

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Benefits of a holding company in Belgium

Holding companies can be incorporated in Belgium as limited by shares – SA, or private limited companies – SPRL. The minimum share capital required depends of the type of company. 

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Open a bank account in Belgium

Belgium has one of the best-developed banking systems in Europe as well as one of the largest banks per person ratios in the world. Electronic banking is something very common in this country, which allows you to open a bank account online, quick and easy. If you want to open a company in Belgium, you will need a bank account to deposit the minimum required share capital. 

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