Corporate administration

The corporate administration needs vary for each company according to the industry sector they operate in, the number of employees and business processes. All the processes involved in the corporate administration field ensure the efficiency and the productivity of successful companies in Belgium.

We’re able to adapt our services based on our clients’ need, as we have the experience of serving a wide range of legal entities, including statutory duties associated with the most common business activities.

Corporate administration services provided by our firm in Belgium include the following:

  • Company secretaries, responsible with the compliance to international and local statutory obligations.
  • Directors, who are able to control and be satisfied with the activities of the company, following Belgian law requirements.
  • Resident representatives and a registered office for the company in Belgium.
  • Maintenance of all required records, including statutory record and company meetings minute books, communications with staff members etc
  • Advice on changes that might occur in the Belgian legislation and have an impact on the company’s statutory requirements
  • Administration of daily corporate processes, including correspondence, phone calls and emails.
  • We provide boardrooms and support facilities whenever necessary, for all types of business meetings.
  • Keeping up with statutory documents required by local or national authorities in Belgium, which means acting as representatives of the company by sending applications or filling in documents.
  • Preparation of notices, agendas and schedules, attending and preparing records of board meetings and other types of corporate gatherings.
  • Maintenance of business relationships with local suppliers, partners, clients or companies in affiliation with the provision of corporate administrative services in Belgium.