Company formation in Belgium

We’re specialized in company formation in Belgium, through a relatively quick process, depending on the availability of the necessary documents. Any person, regardless of the nationality or residency is allowed to be director or shareholder of a company in Belgium. Shareholders can be individuals or legal entities. The company must have a registered office, a business plan and a required minimum share capital, depending on the type of company. A limited liability company – SPRL-  will require a minimum share capital paid up-front of 12,400 euros if it has only one shareholder and no less than 6,200 euros/shareholder, if it has two or more shareholders.

SIGTAX provides the following company formation services in Belgium:

  • Drawing up the articles of association, that can be signed through power of attorney before being notarized
  • Drawing up documents necessary for the company formation, such as identification documents copies, specimen signatures or application forms to register the company
  • Arranging all the public notary proceedings
  • Setting up a bank account with a Belgian bank
  • Providing a registered office in Belgium, if necessary
  • Establishing a private limited company – SPRL
  • Incorporating a public limited company – SA
  • Registering a subsidiary, or a company branch in Belgium

Our firm is able to set up this entire process and to manage the bureaucratic and legal hurdles faced by entrepreneurs who are interested in the formation of a company in Belgium. We offer the best solutions in order to make this process as simple, quick and easy as possible for all our clients.

Types of companies in Belgium

Belgium is one of the countries that are chosen for company registration because it is an EU member state that enjoys all the benefits that derive from this on the one hand, but also because it offers some tax advantages to foreign investors who want to open a business in this country. In addition, a Belgium company is a great option for those interested in expending their businesses on the European market.

Company formation in Belgium is a relatively quick process, as long as the necessary documentation is prepared in a timely manner. For companies registered in Belgium, it is necessary to choose more than one company name and submit it for approval with the authorities.

Belgium is organized in regions and provinces, which means that, when it is time to decide where to register a company office it is important to consider which are the provinces with the lowest tax rates in Belgium. Some of the best locations for entrepreneurs and investors who want to start a company in Belgium are Liege, Limburg and Brussels.

Asides from choosing the best location, it is equally important to choose the best legal structure for the Belgian company, depending on the business purpose and business operations, as well as on the tax advantages available. Find out more about company registration in Belgium.

The SPRL (Société Privée à Responsabilité Limitée or Private Limited Company) is the legal structure that suits best small to medium –sized businesses and it requires a minimum share capital of 18,550 euros. If the SPRL has only one shareholder, two thirds of the start-up capital must be paid upfront, when the company is registered. The amount of paid-up capital is lower in the case of SPRLs formed by at least two shareholders. Founding members of the SPRL can be individuals or legal entities, nationals or foreign citizens.

The SA (Société Anonyme or Public Limited Company) is a type of Belgian legal structure that is more suitable for corporations or large enterprises and it requires a minimum share capital of 61,500 euros. As in the case of the SPRL, the founding members of the SA may be individuals or legal entities, nationals or foreigners. The founding members will receive company shares in exchange for their contribution to the company’s capital.

The Belgian subsidiary and the Belgian company branch have the status of a distinct entity from the parent company (companies registered in Belgium where the parent company is a sole shareholder) or parent company extensions. Any foreign companies are allowed to set up a company branch or a subsidiary in Belgium.

The holding company in Belgium is focused mainly on managing and acquiring shares of other companies and on controlling other companies. However, Belgian holdings can also perform other business activities, such as property purchase transactions or commercial transactions. Foreign companies are allowed to own holdings in Belgium. Among the most important tax advantages of holdings in Belgium is the fact that dividends may be a subject of a corporate tax exemption of up to 95%, under certain circumstances. Find out more about the benefits of a holding company in Belgium.


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