It is essential to have accurate accounts that adhere to the official rules and guidelines. Accurate information offers the necessary tools to manage a business pro – actively and to ensure business growth.

Furthermore, accounting systems need to be in compliance with relevant local requirements. This is necessary not only for accounting, but also for indirect tax requirements, such as legal books, charts of accounts and journals.

All economic entities have the obligation to organize and manage an accounting department or to outsource the accounting processes. Accounting services are important to maintain a balance between income and expenses, but also to have financial data that support business development plans and other types of activity throughout a company. Financial data is also used to provide information for interested third parties such as shareholders or investors, as well as for the Belgian Tax Authorities.

Outsourcing accounting services frees your employees from administrative tasks and it allows you to have a reduced staff, that will only focus on the most important business processes of the company.

SIG Fiduciaire provides bookkeeping services in Belgium for companies or subsidiaries from different industries. Our services include:

  • maintenance for the company’s accounts, account reviews,
  • filling of accounts with the Belgian Tax Authorities,
  • payroll administration,
  • VAT registration and VAT fillings.

If you decide to open a company in Belgium, our firm will also provide the following services: opening bank accounts, consultation and advice regarding the best solutions for your company related to taxation in Belgium for companies and individuals and payroll support. Other services provided are completion of statutory forms and year-end returns submitted to the National Revenue Agency, review and monitoring of staff costs, tax compliance and tax advice, tax accounting services. All accounting services can be tailored according to your business needs.