Trust Services

A Belgian family office can act as a trustee or take another role in your trust. All kind of assets can be held by a trust, as they are great instruments to protect wealth and privacy, as well as compliant tax planning. Trusts are used by numerous wealthy and well-known families around the world, and are often suggested by their family offices, as a way of separating some or all of their assets. A trust can best be described as a legal arrangement through which the legal ownership of assets is transferred to the trustee in order to keep these assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

Trusts are also a great tool for compliant international tax planning and for safeguarding your privacy. A trust offers a high level of privacy due to the fact that they are not found on any public register, in contrast to most corporate structures.

The trust taxation differs from one jurisdiction to another, which is why it’s important to sought out professional advice before you set up a trust in Belgium.

We provide trust services for multinational corporations listed on the organized stock exchanges. Trusts assets include cash, bank deposits, shares, jewelry, real estate and other tangible or intangible assets.

Over the years, we have worked with various clients, in tax planning and management of their trusts, with the help of our professional team of managers, tax consultants, lawyers and reliable administrators, dedicated to providing comprehensive, specialized services.

Our trust services include

  • Acting as protectors
  • Acting as professional trustees
  • Setting up a Trust in Belgium
  • Providing fiduciary or nominee services.