Business Center

Business centers are the best solution to provide locations for meetings, workspaces, corporate events, as well and the necessary equipment to set up a virtual office for a company.

Our Business Center in Belgium offers the necessary location, in a convenient and accessible area to set up an office for your company, to hold meeting, conferences or training seminars and other types of activities.

It’s possible to rent a permanent office for your company, or to set up a virtual office in Belgium, if your company doesn’t have to deal with intense daily activity. The business center offers the following services:

  • A business address – required to set up a company in Belgium
  • A dedicated fax number in Belgium – faxes will be forwarded according to the client’s instructions
  • A local phone number in Belgium – useful for local contacts or call redirecting to any numbers according to the client’s specifications.
  • Co - working spaces for mobile workers

Instead of investing into an expensive building or office located in Belgium’s business districts, you can easily rent an office in our business center and benefit from the convenient location. The modern and professional environment will pleasantly impress your business partners when they attend business meetings. The identification of the location of the office is to your benefit - potential buyers or partners will easily find you, because they know exactly where the largest business centers in the city are.

If you’re in need of a private office or a shared office, if you want to set up a virtual office in Belgium or if you need a conference room to hold your business meetings, we are able to provide you with all the necessary resources to start your activity as soon as possible. The Business Center ensures the operational needs and representation of employers and employees of dynamic companies activating on the Belgian market.